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Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash

Keep your vehicles in excellent condition with Hand Car Wash

Oxford mobile valet is a London based car wash refurbishment center. We specialise in using the latest technology for the repair and wash as well as refinishing. At the same time, we ensure you the highest quality standard that is maintained. We minimize the inconvenience by providing pick and drop and hand car wash service for your peace of mind.

Extend the car life

Our cars are more than just a way for us to get the two-point A and B. Our cars reflect the personalities and our interests, that’s why it is essential to keep them in excellent condition. If we talk about the hand car wash, so we need the gasoline based on that brand that helps us to extend the life of the car. We also buy the seat covers to protect the car upholstery and sunshades as well.

Clean interior and exterior

With the professional car wash services, we are a professional valeting center. Having years of experience, Oxford Mobile Valet knows the importance of the clean interior and exterior. Cleanliness ensures the longevity of your car. Our technicians are specialist, and they use proper advance tools and cleaning products that will restore the paintwork, leather and car seats. With our advanced services, you will get your precious car in a brand new condition.

Customer satisfaction is our objective

Our objective is to keep our customers satisfied and exceed their expectations. Moreover, we listen to our customers and value their feedback. So, if you have any concerns discuss with us, and we will try our best to resolve it. We care about our clients and want them to feel special.
Whenever you want a smooth and hassle-free hand car wash service, contact us without giving a second thought. Book your appointment with us, and we will be there at your house for picking and droping your car. Call us at 01865 433297 to get the best services that you will hardly find anywhere else.